While the Dual Notch Display Smartphone might be the next big hype, brands like Vivo (with the launch of VIVO V7 and V9), OnePlus and Xiaomi have made a great deal of hype and reputation in the Indian smartphone market with its super debut “notch display”.

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The notch design is the most advanced and the most talked about design after the bezel-less trend that the Xiaomi Mi Mix brought in- which was later/eventually followed by OnePlus with the launch of OnePlus 5T and a couple of other brands. Among all this, a smartphone brand- ZTE is almost a forgotten deal.

After rumours of the company’s potential Android license being revoked and also company’s ban from purchasing any more Qualcomm chips almost killed the brand in the smartphone market.

Not too late after the notch display trend, reports from SIPO (China’s State Intellectual Property Office) has arrived that ZTE has patented a new smartphone and possible sketches of the device have come forward, comparing it with ZTE’s Iceberg device.

Hence it is completely right to say that ZTE has been watching the market close while it stayed underground. Looking at the possible sketches, the device resembles closely with the Essential PH-1 phone.

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About Dual Notch Display Smartphone In-Detail

Having the complete overview of the device in the sketch, various parts of the phone is said to resemble various brands.

It might also be the case that ZTE has done its best to put in the least money into its research and development department to bring up Dual Notch Display Smartphone and has simply manipulated various smartphone designs into one.

Dual Notch Display Smartphone

Although, this might not be a bad thing to say, never know until we see the device in real. The backside of the smartphone holds a dual camera setup (specifications of which is still unknown) and a dual tone flash by the side.

Right below the camera setup, in the centre, is a spherical fingerprint reader. If I had to compare the device’s back to a smartphone that’s currently there in the market, with no doubt, it completely resembles the back of a OnePlus 5T.

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The top edge of the smartphone reveals the antenna bands and a headphone jack with the secondary microphone. The bottom side is the speaker grill (not sure if it’s a stereo setup or a mono).

Also, the charging/USB port is what is looking like the USB type-B and NOT the Type-C. Not sure why ZTE is still going with the Type-B but more on that later.

The left side of the device houses the SIM tray and the volume-power duo on the right.
Talking about the giant front side, the primary notch on the top is just present to house the front selfie camera.

The bottom or the latest “dual notch” is just there to house the home button. Not sure why ZTE has incorporated the fingerprint scanner separately and not into the home button like most other smartphones.

Although the designs are just a mock-up and no final verdict is present on the same. We are sure not to see this device in hands anytime soon, though.At least not until mid-2019.

Source: SIPO (China’s State Intellectual Property Office)

Pictures Source: mobielkopen.net





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