While Facebook is all in the news for being in the Cambridge analytica scam. It’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg was there in the first day of Facebook F8 Developer which is the annual conference for developers aiming for the future well there’s a lot of exciting announcements these are Revolutionary announcements that we found to be very interesting.

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Announcements At Facebook F8 Developer Conference

Clear History

They introduced the clear history feature which will enable you to delete the data and choose the history that you want to stay on the platform and with the company.

This is a big step towards the companies privacy and they are focusing on privacy a lot after the scandal.

Sharing To Stories

A very exciting thing that was launched today was that the stories feature which basically enables users to share their favourite Spotify songs and you can directly click on the place on Spotify button on the page and you can listen to the song.

This feature will soon come to other apps and to start with they have done it with Spotify.

Introduction Of Group Tabs

While the platform was not very organised, it is now also introducing a groups tab which will help you to interact with the people and the groups directly.

You will be able to Discover and join groups using the groups’ tab.

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Dating Within Facebook

One of the major features announced at Facebook F8 Developer Conference was dating and relationships within the Facebook app.

The users can already use Facebook to meet new people and they wanted to make the experience better so they will be able to create a custom dating profile which will be totally different from their normal facebook profile.

The users will automatically get potential matches.They have said that they will not be taking friends into account and they will be excluding them.

You will also have an option to discover other people with similar interest and testing starts later this year.

Mark Zuckerberg explicitly told that they are targeting to work towards building actual relationships and no hookups.This particular statement is directed towards the dating giant tinder.

Crisis Response

You must have seen the crisis response feature on your Facebook account where they ask you to Mark yourself safe in a calamity Facebook is furthering their reach by bringing in fundraisers along with Community Help.

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Making it easier for the people to support Each Other during the crisis by sharing the information that is helpful for the other people around the affected area.

This feature will also be rolling out later this year.

Blood Camps

Facebook recently launched a new feature which helps people to donate blood and regions in countries like India, Bangladesh and Pakistan to help the community.

In a few months, there will be blood camps organised set up by Facebook where people can go and donate blood.

Changes Faced By The Developers

Facebook also be taking steps in the developer community and has updated the policies which will help the people build up the trust for the developers.

They also open the app review process after making some changes and making it more secure.


AR Effects

In 2017 they announce their camera platform and now they are bringing into Instagram they will be using AR Studio.

The creators will be able to design International camera experiences and include face filters along with the world effects for the followers on Instagram which is very similar to the ones of Snapchat so you get an idea of what I am talking about here.

Group Video Chat

They are also bringing video chat to Instagram and people can connect real time and talk to other people as a normal video call.

It will be available in Instagram direct messages and they also have an option for minimising the screen.

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The people on the other end of the call won’t be able to see whats going on your feed.

New Explorer Chat

in the recent times, we have seen some changes in the Explorer tab in Instagram which was spotted in the Android Beta program of the app.

Facebook has now officially brought it to the final version and will be available soon.

The new explore tab will organise and make it easier to browser according to your interests and the things going around in your area.

The video chat and the Explorer option are currently under testing and will be rolling out very soon.


Group Calling

There is only one major change which is the introduction of WhatsApp group calling and stickers.

They are also bringing group calling to WhatsApp as earlier seen on the leaks.

Four people will be able to talk in a group call they are also adding stickers which we already have seen in messaging apps like Hike.

Facebook Messenger

AR Effects

They are adding your camera effect into the messenger and it will be launched first in the closed beta and after the constant feedback of the users.

It will be rolled out and the developers will also be able to build custom ones for the fan base and try on Merchandise.

This will be a fun addition to the people using messenger a lot

Oculus GO

Probably the most interesting thing that was launched at Facebook F8 Developer Conference was the Facebook partnership with Oculus and they have released a new VR headset called the Oculus Go VR.

Oculus go is for 199 dollars and is a  VR headset which will be available globally starting today and it will have more than 8000 games at launch with more coming very soon.

They are also made in partnership with Xiaomi, the Chinese Giant is handling the hardware side of things while Oculus is handling the software side.

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Along with Oculus VR, they also released oculus venues which is a ticket to social events like sports, comedy night and you can watch with your friend and other people.

Source: Facebook’s F8 conference

Picture Source: Facebook’s F8 conference





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