Samsung has been very particular about its product quality with its previous flagship smartphones. The latest Galaxy Note 8 and Galaxy S9/S9+ have shown the great response from the consumers and Note 8 is the best selling model for Samsung. And as a matter of fact, Samsung has already planned well for the Samsung Galaxy S10.

Lately, Samsung has been putting in a lot of effort towards getting feedback and further improving their smartphone game.

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Samsung Galaxy S10 announcement at CES

Samsung is going to leverage the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in the month of January 2019 to show the S10 to the world.

The first official looks of the device would be available at CES and if the rumours are to be believed, then the device should launch in or around February for the consumers to purchase.

Reports also say that the company has started closing supply deals with the component companies to ship out various device parts starting from May so they could have the prototype ready to display in Jan 2019.

As this will be Samsung’s 10th-anniversary special, this is something Samsung is a lot of hype about.

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We have also seen that Samsung has updated the project code name from Valley to Winner. Which clearly signifies that the company is very close to the releasing stage of the device.

Samsung To Launch Foldable Phone At MWC

Apart from the Galaxy S10 buzz, there would also be a foldable phone that Samsung promised a few years back.

According to a few sources, Samsung has successfully been able to make that statement a reality and also that it would display its first foldable working prototype in MWC (Mobile Work Congress) next year that takes place in Barcelona every year.

Samsung once said that if at all there would be such a device out in the market by Samsung, they would call it the Galaxy X.

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Both MWC and CES 2019 would be hosting a surprising variety of high technology innovation products and looks like Samsung would have a huge take on the two events.

As a matter of fact, Samsung has never displayed products on such events until 2019- when Samsung finally realizes the capability these stages might hold.

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After the Note 8 launch, Samsung has also been into the press for creating incredible brand awareness to people feel more comfortable putting in the huge sum of money into their product.

For now, it is way too early to comment on either of the smartphones or anything that Samsung might be working on. We only believe that Samsung would be on the highlights when CES and MWC hit next year.


Pictures Source: Slashleaks




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