According to the recent reports which revealed that both Huawei and Samsung clinched a deal to supply big 6.9-inches OLED display to the Chinese manufacturer Huawei for upcoming flagship smartphone from the Honor Note-series handset, might be for all-new Honor Note 9 flagship smartphone.

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Honor Note 9 Flagship Highlights

The idea of Huawei introducing massive OLED display feature is to compete with the Galaxy Note 9 flagship in the market, as we know there is a big market in the Note-series flagship handsets.Honor Note 9So with the help of Samsung’s OLED display panel technology, the upcoming Honor Note 9 flagship will get additional audience attraction in the global smartphone markets.

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Freshly reported news rumours suggests that the expected Huawei handset is the all-new Huawei Note 9 flagship smartphone and also other theories suggest that the chances of upcoming Mate 20 Pro handset will also be sporting with massive 6.9-inch OLED display.

Codename ??

In addition to the above leaks, there’s also a leaked image of consignment in which it has mentioned the upcoming Huawei handset codename as “Ravel”.Honor Note 9Also recently Zhao Ming, Honor Business President has allegedly claimed that we’re developing a top-end flagship smartphone featuring a large OLED screen, so according to these two leaks chances that very soon Huawei will announce the all-new Honor Note 9 flagship smartphone.

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Honor Note 8

Back in August 2016, Huawei launched Honor Note 8 handset into the market which features 6.6-inch Super AMOLED display, so by considering the recent leaks.

There is a possibility that the alleged 6.9-inch OLED display smartphone belongs with Honor Note series follow-up flagship smartphone that is Honor Note 9.

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Until now there aren’t any specifications details know about the Honor Note 9 flagship smartphone, since we’re expecting the launch very soon maybe in August, so we might get new leaks and information about the Note 9 in future.

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So guys stay tuned to our latest news category to find out more about the upcoming Honor Note 9 flagship smartphone and meanwhile we’ll be covering the leaks and rumours regarding the Huawei massive 6.9-inch OLED display flagship smartphone.

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