Motorola filed a patent for a heating hinge technology for a foldable smartphone way back in 2016 and finally, Motorola has got the USPTO patent on June 14th, 2018 and the patent is called “Method to recover permanent set in a foldable display”.

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In next few years we will see phones with foldable display and in fact, a rumoured Samsung Galaxy X smartphone could arrive soon later 2019 also we will see other companies like LG adopting the technology for their foldable smartphone.

While Motorola could use this technology to build a smartphone with both inward and outward folding display in next few years.

About Motorola Patent For Folding OLED Display

The technology is very simple, the hinge runs over the entire display and has a thermal element with a temperature sensor.

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When the display is folded and unfolded again the screen deforms in low temperature so the temperature sensor detects that the screen is completely flat with the screen off.

Foldable Display
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Then it activates the thermal element which heats the hinge and removes creases from the screen which Motorola called as Semi-permanent deformation. There can be a second optional hinge for the display to be bent from multiple points.

The hinge also uses a detection module which detects if the screen is in the bent position and calculates how long the display was in folded position.

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It also calculates at what extent there can be a semi-permanent deformation and when the screen is completely unfolded the recovery process to remove the creases starts automatically, in fact, this thing works even when the smartphone is switched off.

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Technologies For Foldable Display

We have screen many patents in the past few years which indicates that the manufacturers are developing their own way of developing a foldable smartphone.

In the past, we have seen patents from Samsung with a flexible hinge and one from Huawei too where they had displayed on the outside.

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Also, we have seen the phone with the foldable display from ZTE, the Axon M which adopted Dual Screen Display with a foldable hinge.

The technology is yet to evolve and we have to wait few more years to see a working smartphone with a flexible screen.


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