After the Samsung S10 leaks, there has been a numerous other news surfacing the internet. The news about Samsung patenting a secondary display, we have another patent announcement right after. The new patent image reflects a smartphone which is of a Bezel-Free Smartphone design.

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What’s more to it is that this device has magnetic sides instead of bezels. Going particular, all the sides of the device are magnetic and not just the bezel area.

About Bezel-Free Smartphone In-Depth

As the magnetic sides are containing cuts, we can easily assume that it would be used to attach various other components (or modules) to the device.

Bezel-Free Smartphone
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Another U-shaped coupling has also seen being attached to the other magnetic frame. It is said to make the entire framework much stronger.

Something very unique and innovative put forward by Samsung didn’t have issues getting approved either. The patent is well approved by the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office).

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A publication, LetsGoDigital mentions that the name of the patent is filed as ‘Display device and frame number’.

Also, the publication mentions that the Bezel-Free Smartphone patent is relevant to smartphones, TVs, monitors, and other electronic devices that contain a display.

It would be a really fascinating moment seeing Samsung make use of such innovative Bezel-Free Smartphone patents.

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It might not be too late than 2020 to have an actual smartphone that used either one or even both of its patented ideas- the magnetic frame and the secondary display.

Bezel-Free Smartphone
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Also, it might not be astonishing to see Samsung file a bunch of other patents during this while- is having to work on the old ones along the side.

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We have also seen Huawei patenting something quite similar to what Samsung has been doing with the magnetic display.

Although, there were a few notable differences (yet major ones) that Huawei’s patent reflected and Samsung did not.

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The main highlight is that Huawei’s patent also mentions it to be a dust and waterproof frame.

Nevertheless, we can see a lot that Samsung and Huawei are trying to achieve in the smartphone space with such new innovations.

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Also, as a matter of fact, a similar technology is being used in Samsung The Frame TV.

This might give Samsung a cutting edge over Huawei in the happening of this patent.


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