A report from Ming-Chi Kuo was seeing online which gives us a latest up-to-date update on the new 2018 iPhone Models that are yet to be launched in the month of September.

The publication touches upon a few price updates and a few more physical updates that the new 2018 iPhone could come with.

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2018 iPhone Models Pricing:

Kuo mentions that the 6.5-inch OLED variant of the iPhone should likely have a price tag of a solid $1,000- which is pretty identical to the price tag, that of an iPhone X.

Also, this particular device is confirmed to feature Dual-SIM capabilities.

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Although, Kuo also mentions the 6.1-inch iPhone being priced at around $700.

2018 iPhone Models Colour Options:

Talking about the highlight of this post, Kuo mentions that both the devices would be available in a large variety of colours.

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To satisfy this, here are the colours that the devices would come with-

  • 6.5-inch iPhone would come with Black, White & the NEW Gold.
  • 6.1-inch LCD iPhone would have colour options of Gret, White, Blue, Red & Orange.

For now, these are the colour options that the iPhones would come out with.

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Not a lot of fancy sharp colour shades like the iPhone 5C had but there are more of premium-looking metallic colour shades for the latest iPhones.2018 iPhone ModelsAlso, we can easily assume that the colour Kuo says as ‘grey’ and ‘white’ are actually ‘Space Grey’ and ‘Silver’.

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The ones that Apple has already been high with all its models.

Kuo also mentions that after matching up the device in computer software and tinting it against the iPhone X, they believe that the 6.1-inch iPhone would not have the Dual Camera Setup like the iPhone X does.

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Also, it is assumed that Apple would totally bring out four new colour variants of the iPhone in which the Gold variant would be that of the higher end (costly) iPhones.

Also, do not, it is not rose gold, in-fact, it is a new kind of Gold- which can be seen pretty clearly in the prototype image.

It might not be a sure thing that Apple does not mean a “red” iPhone as a “Product RED” product like they did with iPhone last year but this time, it’s just a permanent colour option that can be purchased at no extra cost.

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This is surely going to piss Product RED iPhone 7 owners off as they already paid an extra bomb to get the signature “PRODUCT RED” iPhone 7. Sorry owners.

Concluding the article, Apple is definitely expecting a higher sale bump after they bring out the colours mentioned above and for sure, this time, they have a good reason to.

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Apple says that their sales records have crossed roofs after they brought out the iPhone X to the market.

It’s time we wait a couple more months to see what Apple has really planned to disrupt the smartphone market which the manufacturer competition getting harder day-by-day.

Picture Source: 9to5mac.com




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