Today, at the 41st Annual General Meet (AMG) in Mumbai today, MD, Mukesh Ambani made two major announcements to the Reliance Stake Holders. The announcements revealed the launch of the Jio Phone 2 and the Jio GigaFiber.

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We’d be covering both the events in detail. First, covering the launch of the Jio Phone 2.

Jio Phone 2 Launch Announcement:

Today, on 5th July, Thursday, the company announced its latest phone- the Jio Phone 2.Jio Phone 2

The Jio Phone 2 has quite a lot of improvements compared to its previous model, Jio Phone, which also sold like hot cakes in the market.

The main reason why Jio Phone has had such a good time in the market is simply due to the fact that the devices are so affordable that there is no second thought involved from the customer’s side. Also, the 49/- plan that carries the device forward is an absolute bliss.

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Now, alongside all the pre-existing benefits, the company has also brought in a QWERTY styled keyboard and also support for high-end applications like WhatsApp and YouTube by default.

Later today morning, the company had also announced the Jio GigaFiber, which we will read about in a minute’s time.

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Jio Phone 2 Pricing And Availability In India:

The JioPhone 2 is said to be available in India from 15th August onwards. The device is priced at just Rs. 2,999 which is Rs. 1,500 more than the previous version of the Jio Phone.

Jio Phone 2

Chairman Mukesh Ambani also brought forward the Monsoon Hungama Offer which enables users of Jio Phone to exchange it with Jio Phone 2 for just Rs. 501. The offers start from 21st of July.

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Jio Phone 2 Specifications:

The device is now a Dual-SIM device (Nano-SIM), unlike its previous model. The display is a 2.4-inch QVGA display.Jio Phone 2The device is operated on KAI OS and the device now has 512GB of RAM and 4GB of internal storage available which is further expandable with a MicroSD card (up to 128GB).

Talking about the camera, the device has a 2MP rear and a VGA back camera. The battery is a 2,000 mAh one which lasts longer than the Jio Phone.

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Talking about the rest of the features, the device has all types of sensors for connectivity. The device is also 4G LTE enabled.

The device also has a 4-way navigation key with a dedicated key for voice commands- similar to the Jio Phone.

Google Assistant would also be a thing on both the models of the Jio Phone.

Jio GigaFiber Launch Announcements:

Alongside the Jio Phone 2, the company also announced its FTTH home broadband solution. The same can be remembered by “Jio Fiber” but the same is now being referred to as “Jio GigaFiber”.Jio Phone 2At the starting of the announcement, MD Chairman, Mukesh Ambani stated that the service would be available in a vast 1,100 cities across India.

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The Jio GigaFiber involves installed a GigaFiber router along with a GigaTV set-top box.

The special thing about this is that the set-top box will enable its users to make video calls to other GigaTV users or any other mobile connection across India.Jio Phone 2The speeds that are being stated by Jio at the moment are up to 1GB/s but we’ll only have to test it out before we know of how good it is to be true.

Users will also be able to connect VR headsets to their Jio GigaFiber network and view 360-degree content in 4K resolution

– said Kiran Thomas, President, RIL.

The registrations for the Jio GigaFiber commence from 15th August onwards and the device could be purchased or the service could be availed via the MyJio app or the official website

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Jio Phone 2

As for GigaTV, subscribers can use voice commands on a microphone-enabled TV remote to access Jio apps such as Jio TV, Jio Cinema, Jio TV Call, and the likes. Elaborating on TV calling

– said Isha Ambani.

She also added,

You can call every other TV that is powered by Jio GigaFiber. You can also call a mobile or tablet connected to every network. Of course, the best experience will be on the Jio network.” Commenting on the broadband services, she said, “Gone are the days of Mbps, now it will be all about Gbps.

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