LG releases two flagships every year like Samsung, the LG G series smartphone and the LG V series smartphone. This year LG has already launched their first flagship that is the LG G7 and while it wasn’t a big hit, they are aiming towards the next big launch of this year, the LG V40.

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The LG V series of phones which have always had their focus on the cameras and the LG V30 came with features loaded geared towards video shooters.

It had all the picture profiles and plus the wide Dual Lens which helped a lot. It was indeed one of the most feature-packed smartphone cameras for shooting videos.

LG V40 To Have 5 Cameras

The LG V40 which is going to be announced in the coming months is expected to have five cameras and face unlock.

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Well, that indeed sounds crazy and it will be very interesting to see how it turns out for LG if it actually happens.

According to the source, the two cameras on the Front will let you unlock your phone with your face basically acting as a face unlock feature and the Rear Cameras will be used in a stereo configuration allowing the 3D mapping of the face that needs to be stored.

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The first and the only phone to feature the Triple Camera Setup on the rear is the Huawei P20 Pro which includes a wide angle lens, LG standard wide lens.

It can also be a zoom lens and use a depth sensor specializing in adding the bokeh effect. It is crazy that a phone will be having 5 cameras (including the front and the rear)

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Expected LG V40 Design

The LG V40 will be a larger version of the LG G7 and it is reported to have the notch.

The Glass black will also be present on the LG V40 along with the presence of the infamous headphone jack.

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The inclusion of LG’s Quad DAC is still expected and the addition of a google assistant button is also reported.

The fingerprint scanner will still sit on the Rear and the panel would be an LCD.

Source: androidpolice.com

Pictures Source: lgnewsroom.com




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