We have news that Motorola would be on an odd high on launching smartphones in the second half of 2018. Motorola is estimated to launch around three smartphones this spring and winter. Today, we found a new device take over the internet with its leaked pictures. The device has tiny differences but mostly is assumed to be a variant of the prior leaks of Moto One and Moto One Power lineup.

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About Leaked Image Of Moto One White Color Variant

This clearly looks like to be a white variant of the highly anticipated Moto One.

Although the new leak does not have anything too special to disclose as a fresh leak but for now, we could call this the most visually complete and the clearest/near to life picture of the Moto One smartphone.

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Moto OneIt is clear from the device’s back that there would be a glass finish and an aluminium frame which would give the device a very cutting edge finish and an extremely premium yet elegant look.

The glass on the backside of the device gives a feeling of holding a device like an iPhone or Xperia devices.

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Missing Android One Logo:

Also, something pretty off about the leaked device images is that the device is missing a key detail on the rear side.

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In the image that has leaked, there is no Android One logo being seen.

Now there might be a couple of reasons why this is what it is, but the main reason why this has happened is that the image that has been surfacing on the internet is more of an unfinished prototype of the Moto One and the device design is yet to undergo major design additions and changes.

Another sharp conspiracy that backs up this fact is that the device that has been leaked might be a Chinese variant of the smartphone and Motorola might have planned to ship the Moto One with the standard Motorola Stock OS and not the Android One.

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Launch Event:

The launch event is to be revealed in Moto’s headquarters in Chicago and the launch event is debuted to take place on the 2nd of August.

Pictures Source: 范凯祥




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