Samsung’s W-series which features high-end flip phones is very popular in China. Recently, a smartphone from W-series, the Samsung W2019 was leaked online which shows it’s codename and some of the features.

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Samsung W2019 Details

The Samsung W2019 is expected to be a high-end smartphone in terms of specs as the previous Samsung W2018 featured high-end specs and borrowed many features from its flagship smartphones.Samsung W2019

Samsung W2019 Codename and Naming Scheme:

A Chinese leaker @MMDJ_ who is famous for speculating and leaking news has once again leaked the codename of the smartphone. So the Samsung W2019 goes by the codename “Project Lykan” which is currently only used internally as said by the leaker.

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This is not official but as per the naming scheme from past several years, the latest model should come by the name Samsung W2019 as last year’s model was named as W2018.

Generally, these type of flip phone are popular in China and so Samsung thinks that China is a big market for them and so it is unlikely to debut in the US or other parts of the country.

Specifications of Samsung W2019:

Moving to its specifications, this is not mentioned by the Chinese leaker but it is expected that it will come with high-end specs and features.

The Samsung W2019 is expected to feature a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor and a good amount of RAM. It will also have a fingerprint sensor as well.

Cameras on the Samsung W2019:

The phone is expected to feature a variable aperture camera as the previous model had it as well. In fact, the Samsung W2018 was the first phone to feature a variable aperture camera which we also saw in Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+.

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So expect it to have a great camera and variable aperture feature. It is speculated that Samsung will bring more features from their flagships in the latest W-series phone.

Pricing And Availability:

The W-series is always expensive as it features classic flip design and yet packs in some solid specs. The previous model W2018 was priced for Yuan 16,999( approx $2563 or Rs. 1,76,278) which is really expensive. So expect W2019 to be priced high as well.

The smartphone is expected to launch by the end of the year or next year in Q1 and it will be available in China only as it is popular there.

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