One of the most anticipated smartphones from Samsung that was yet to be launched, the Samsung’s New Smartphone Android Go has a shocking announcement via Samsung’s official sources.

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The company’s representative blog says that the device would, however, run Android but the device is said to have the usual Samsung UX theme and not the stock version of the Android version which was in rumours that the device would have possessed.

Apart from that, the Google apps that are installed on the same are special ‘Go’ versions of the app.

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Samsung’s New Smartphone Android Go UX Design:

In addition, it is also observed that the official Android Go website also clearly mentions that the device would not run the stock version of Android but instead, would have the modded (Samsung UX) version.Samsung's New Smartphone Android GoThe main vision of Samsung in bringing up such a model is to bring in and integrate low memory/RAM consumption apps so the device runs as light as possible.

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Also, as Samsung has targeted the budget cum mid-range arena of smartphones with its Android Go smartphone, it is determined enough to make the device as light software as possible but alongside, equally powerful to handle whatever the user decides to throw on it.

In fact, a few years back-line, Samsung did have smartphones that run pure stock Android and the same were brought under the Google Play Edition Program.

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As the company has also been high key on bringing back the wearables segment, they feel making their Samsung Galaxy devices kill the vibe of the actual Samsung UX that the device and the smartphone should possess.

It’s just another way how Samsung thinks its products should be- no debate on that.

Samsung Android Go Google Apps:

Talking about the apps, Samsung has put in GO version of Google apps into the system.

As for the features like Android Go data saving mode and storage management, Samsung has decided to stick with its default Device Management Feature.

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Although there are no official words about the specifications of the device, there is something weird to get to note about the device.

Samsung’s New Smartphone Android Go On-Screen Navigation Buttons:

Samsung’s Android Go device would be having the on-screen navigation buttons similar to what is seen on the latest Note devices and all the devices that possess an infinity display.

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The weird thing here is that the device that we are talking about here, the Samsung Android Go, does not have an infinity display but possesses the on-screen navigation buttons.

It’s pretty clear that Samsung is trying to make the on-screen navigation a mainstream trend and in their long vision, they definitely want to get rid of the hardware capacitive navigation buttons on their devices. Although, everything here starts with the Android Go smartphone.

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