The Android P was in development and testing for a quite a bit of time and now after testing it assiduously, it is finally official. The Android 9 which was named as Android P now has an official full name as Android 9 Pie and is filled with a lot of features and improvements.

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Android 9 Pie Details

Android 9 is now officially named as Android Pie, in past, there were a lot of confusions regarding the naming scheme of Android 9.

It was already known that Android 9 was called as Android P but like with all Android versions initial releases the whole name of it was unknown.

But now with the naming done as “Android Pie”, we are so much excited to experience it.

Sources at Android Developers have said that the all-new Android 9 Pie is based on powerful machine learning which makes the Android 9 Pie so great. This makes the new Android version faster and smarter.

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So let’s take a look at ten of the new and best Android 9 Pie features which make the Android Pie better and smarter than Android 8 Oreo.

10 New Features And Changes In Android 9 Pie:

1.New System Navigation Or Multitasking Tray:

Android 9 Pie brings a new and advanced system navigation tray which will make your multitasking faster and better.

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Now if you want to access the multitasking tray then you have to just swipe up and you will be in the multitasking tray.

Android 9 Pie

Here you can view recently used apps in a full-screen preview.

2.Adaptive Battery:

With Adaptive Battery, you can limit your battery for those apps which you don’t use frequently.

Android 9 Pie

This will help if you have a lot of apps on your smartphone which you don’t use as much.

This might not sound so helpful but it is really a good feature as it will save some juice on your smartphone.

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3. New Notifications And Smart Reply:

Android 9 Pie brings new notifications UI which might look similar but has some new and advanced options. Now the notifications have more actions assigned to it.

Android 9 Pie

Third party messaging apps, as well as the native messaging app, can take the advantage of this messaging style.

New notifications have a smart reply feature which auto-detects the message and make automated replies available which can be sent with just one click.

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4.App Actions:

Android 9 Pie

App Actions is much like the 3D touch in the iPhones. Now you can do your work much faster as you get new app actions through which you can jump to a particular area in the app, lets say you want to check direct messages on Instagram then you no need to open the app and click on direct message tab, as you can do it directly with quick actions.


Android 9 Pie

With Slices, you can set some of the app options in outside the app which will make the work get done twice as faster. It Slices can also show some interactive content curated for you directly from Google search or Google Assistant.

Slices is a really great new feature which can be helpful at times.

6.Smart Text Classifier And Smart Linkify:

Smart Text Classifier and Linkify are smart tools which can be used while messaging.

If someone sends you a name of a place in the message it will automatically link it in Google maps.

It can also recognize phone numbers, links, and names of places. This is a smart way of getting things done quickly.

7.Text Magnifier:

The Text magnifier lets you see the highlighted text in a bigger size as it magnifies the text.Android 9 PieHowever, this is not a new thing as a function like this is already available on iOS which also allows you to do a similar thing.

The Magnifier is really handy if you want to double check the text and read it clearly in big letters.

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8.Support for New HDR V9 Video And HEIF Image Formats:

Android 9 Pie brings in support for HDR V9 format video, so if your smartphone has HDR-enabled or is capable of shooting an HDR video it will support from now in Android 9.

It also brings HEIF Image format support which allows you to store high-quality images at a lower size. This is a feature which we already saw in iOS 11 but it is great to see it in Android Pie.

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9.New Biometric Prompt:

Android 9 Pie introduces Biometric Prompts¬†which can be seen in apps which take a use of biometrics as a security.Android 9 Pie Now instead of seeing a biometric pop-up of third party’s app, you will see a system’s own biometric prompt.

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This is now an interesting feature but a welcome change as now we can trust on inbuilt biometric prompt.

10. Privacy:

Privacy is the most important thing which should be looked forward in any OS. With the trusted privacy of iOS, Android too now has its privacy game high.

Android 9 will make sure that everything on your smartphone is encrypted and safe.

New Android 9 promises to be one of the most secure versions of Android to date as now the privacy policy for third-party apps are strict.

The system now restricts access to certain functions which are idle and not much related to those functions.

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Other than this, it also gives users certain permissions which they can manually set in settings.

Is Android 9 Pie Supported to My Device?

Android 9 is supported to Google Pixel devices from today and other devices who participate in beta programs such as HMD Global, Sony, Oppo, Xiaomi, OnePlus, Vivo and Essential will receive by the end of fall.

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It is also supported to Android One devices. It is also said that Android 9 can be seen in some new smartphones really soon.

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