First, we learned about Samsung Making its smartphone with a Foldable Display Smartphone under the Galaxy F series and could be revealed in MWC ( Mobile world congress ) February 2018, then after we heard from Huawei Consulting Analyst Jeff Pu that Huawei’s Foldable Display Smartphone is in making and could be the first one to launch even before Samsung.

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Recently we get to know about Motorola’s patent for heating hinge technology for folding an OLED display which heats the hinge each time the device is folded to remove the crease or semi-permanent deformation but we do not know the timeline for the arrival of the Foldable Display Smartphone by Motorola.

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Then after rumours surfaced the web about Xiaomi and Oppo preparing for their foldable smartphone which was confirmed by Korean Media ET News.

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Xiaomi will be adopting an out-fold design which will provide more display area than Huawei’s and Samsung’s Foldable Display Smartphone though we do not know anything about Oppo’s method for their smartphone with a foldable display.

LG’s Technology For An OLED Foldable Display

Just now we came to know about other companies partnering with LG for the production of the foldable display from a Korean Media ETnews.

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So now LG has entered the race along with Samsung and BOE for the production of the bendable display.

LG will be producing high-quality OLED panels with global device manufacturers next, they also agreed with Set Co-operation for the production of their Smartphone with a foldable display.

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LG will be commercially producing the bendable display which will be used by other companies like Huawei, Xiaomi and Oppo and might help them to compete for the title of “First bendable smartphone” against Samsung.

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LG will adopt a new technology to protect the organic matter of their Foldable Display Smartphone from oxygen and moisture with the help of a new atomic layer deposition and they call it ALD technology instead of the CVD ( Chemical vapour deposition ) technology.

LG also revealed the goal of the development of the Foldable Display Smartphone panel and is said to have a Curvature radius of 2.5R and a level of 1.0R next year.

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LG patent for the bendable smartphone was also revealed earlier in which LG did explain how their new hinge mechanism with a flexible circuit board which helps the screen to be folded at the midpoint and also automatically turns on the screen when it’s unfolded and turns the screen off when its folded again.

LG will be using some magnets which will be located at the top and bottom to hold the screen when it’s in the folded state also there is no such information.

When LG is going to unveil its smartphone with the bendable display but we will be seeing a lot of other companies like Huawei, Samsung, Oppo presenting their tech this year-end and next year.


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