Player’s unknown background Mobile was released just 5 months ago and became a growing sensation with over 75 Million downloads including Apple’s App Store and Android’s Play store. It’s time for PUBG Mobile 0.8 Update See what’s new.

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This battle royal game is sticking player’s to their mobile screen for an hour’s bringing one Chicken dinner after another.

The game developers are also working hard to provide new features as an update every month, while the closed beta is out for the PUBG Mobile 0.8 Update we can expect the update to hit the Play store or the App Store later this month or early next month.

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Now we can see it’s time for a PUBG Mobile 0.8 Update. Since the update is not out yet you can check out below about what’s coming up next in your favourite battle royal game.

PUBG Mobile 0.8 Update: What’s New

Savage Map – Sanhok

PUBG Mobile 0.8 Update

First of all, on the new PUBG Mobile 0.8 Update, we have the new Sanhok Map ( Codename – Savage ) which is smaller than the other two, Erangle and Miramar sizes 4×4 Km.

The Map is based out of South East Asia and has coastal locations like jungle, mountains and abandoned resorts.

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Being small the gameplay on this map is faster the safe zone also changes fast and the blue zone comes slowly which makes the player easy to find each other.

New Gun QBZ

PUBG Mobile 0.8 Update

Secondly, we have the new QBZ Assualt Rifle. The gun is unique and replaces the old gun Scar-L and found on the map Sanhok only.

The QBZ has a fast fire rate than Scar-L, The recoil, design and sound is much similar to the airdrop gun AUG.

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Flare Gun

PUBG Mobile 0.8 Update

In the upcoming PUBG Mobile 0.8 Update, we can see the flare gun is a Red/Pink colour revolver like the gun which surely fits in the pistol slot and used to call special airdrop supplies.

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It can be found randomly on the map along with 1 flare, you have to shoot the flare directly above you or the drop will land 150-300m far from your location.

The flare drop carries double items than the normal drop and carries a new item in each drop, no duplicate item can be found.

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The flare also creates a sound which is audible in the entire map and can easily alert everyone of what you are doing.

New Car? Armed UAZ And FPP Driving

The update includes a new muscle car named – Mirado which can be found on the Miramar Map only and has seats for 4 people.

There are two versions of it first one has an open roof and another one with the closed roof just like we have two version of UAZ.

The Mirado can go up to a top speed of 155Km/Hr and goes 0-100kmph in 8.6s.

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The Armed or Bulletproof UAZ is just like the regular UAZ but with Armors on a few sides which highly reduces the damage taken by the car.PUBG Mobile 0.8 UpdatePeople can still shoot on some sides of the Armed UAZ like the engine which causes regular damage and you can’t shoot while riding the UAZ.

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The car can be found only from the flare drop by shooting the Flare gun.

FPP driving is another new feature in the Pubg mobile 0.8 update which shows the vehicle you are driving in a  first-person view.PUBG Mobile 0.8 UpdateYou can see the steering wheel and other internals while driving the car and the handle and speedometer while riding the bike.

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You can still switch from FPP to TPP driving just by pressing a button.

M24 On The Ground And Customizable Crosshairs

Finally, in this PUBG Mobile 0.8 Update, we have the M24 Bolt-action Sniper Rifle which is now removed from the Airdrop and can be found randomly anywhere on the map.

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There is also a minor UI change which let you change the crosshair style between Plus sign (+), Up Arrow (^), A dot (.) And an incomplete Plus Sign, you can also customize the colour of the crosshair.

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